Cooked some steak on a cast-iron skillet… tasted awesome.

It is so hot..

So broke. 

Pork Belly

Melted in my mouth. Drizzled olive oil on top after the sauce but I guess it combined with the pork oil in the picture..hehe. 

It was delicious.

Anonymous asked:
do you have feelings for anyone?


Liege waffles from the waffle truck. 


Bacon Mac n Cheese.

Didn’t have macaroni so I used ziti instead. Pretty delicious. 

Original House of Pancakes (Redondo Beach)

One of my favorite places to eat breakfast.

Dutch baby and corned-beef hash is the numero uno. 

There’s always that terrible feeling when you realize that you’ll probably never ever see that person again in your lifetime…

My roommate’s girlfriend made these for us.

The savior of the late night munchies.